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Astromaestrat offers astrotourism to all kinds of publics and levels: tourists, fans and professionals. A guide who specialises in astronomy and astrophysics will take you on a journey through the secrets of the heavens and its stars. The visits take place at a tourist astronomical observatory in the natural surroundings of San Cristóbal, about 1.4 km from Culla in the province of Castellon. This scenic area also has one of the best viewing points of the Maestrat region, with views of a landscape that will leave no one unmoved.

A privileged location for astronomical observation thanks to the low atmospheric and light pollution that permits unbeatable views at over 1,000 metres. Just one look upwards and you'll fall in love with the sight of thousands and thousands of stars visible to the naked eye and even more so when you see the universe up close with an observatory telescope with explanations from the astrophysicist technician, who will take you even closer to the stars thanks to their specialist knowledge and skills.

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Observatorio astronómico turístico de Culla. Paraje Ermita de San Cristóbal, 12163 Culla, Castellón