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Our vision is to reactivate the interior of Valencia by transmitting its culture, heritage and nature. A living rural world where the quality of life can attract enough human resources to halt depopulation and reactivate local economies. We are committed to environmental education, employment and developing rural and sustainable tourism.

Enjoy the guided landscape interpretation routes around different rural areas of the Valencia Region. There you'll learn to interpret and value the natural and cultural surroundings, you'll discover facts about local geology, hydrology, flora and fauna, agriculture, etc. We also consider issues such as environmental impact, rural depopulation and climate change. We currently offer participants two fascinating routes in a privileged part of the interior of Valencia: Alpuente and its villages (La Serranía).

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C/ Arquitecte Cortina, 13, pta.8 - 46980 Paterna (Valencia).

+34 601 376 223