La Pastora Cooperative

Comunitat Valenciana

La Pastora is a specially protected non-profit Cooperative. Its members are from the area of Els Ports, with a background in education and the environment.

Our activities revolve around Environmental Education, Ecotourism and Rural Development.

Our goals include achieving a change in awareness through education, encouraging responsible tourism that values the area’s cultural and natural heritage, and promoting social, cultural or economic initiatives within the context of the region of Els Ports and the rest of the province of Castelló.

We are currently managing La Pastora, a hostel situated on the site of Ermita de San Domingo, in the municipal area of Vallibona. The original building dates back to the 13th century, but the current building was built entirely in the 18th century and was refurbished at the beginning of the 21st century.

It accommodates 50 guests, distributed as follows:

- 1 double room with disabled access

- 2 double rooms

- 3 rooms for 4 people

- 4 rooms for 8 people

The double rooms have two single beds, the rooms for 4 and 8 people have 2 and 4 bunk beds, respectively. All the rooms have a bathroom. There are also communal areas and a dining room, children’s play room, lounge, library and other multi-purpose rooms.

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Albergue La Pastora

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Carretera Vallibona – Rosell Km 10 CP: 12315 Vallibona - Castellón