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We're an ecotourism company based in El Saler, set up to publicise the natural landscape close to the city of Valencia, along with its vegetation, its animals, its culture and its history.

As children and grandchildren of Albufera people who made their living on these lands from growing rice, from the art of fishing and from hunting, this knowledge is in our genes, making us even more determined to study and know more about our surroundings. We're devoted to telling visitors all about the secrets of these wonderful landscapes.

Our method of collaborating in the conservation and dissemination of the Albufera is to put all our efforts and enthusiasm into offering visitors an unforgettable way of getting to know the Albufera of Valencia, with all kinds of possibilities for everyone to choose their ideal tour.

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Visit Albufera

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Av/. Els Pinars, 6 - "El Saler", 46012, Valencia