Senderismo interpretativo


Comunidad Valenciana Activa (CV ACTIVA) is an association of companies and professionals of Active Tourism and Ecotourism in the Region of Valencia. We work together to promote and position this tourist sector, meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental care. The main values that define the association are commitment to sustainability in tourism and innovation in our companies, and transparency and solidarity between members.

CV ACTIVA also promotes Active Tourism and Ecotourism as a sustainable alternative with a potential for reducing seasonality, in comparison to the traditional model of sun and sand tourism. We are also interested in the balanced redistribution of flows of tourists to boost synergies between the municipalities and regions of the interior and the coast, contributing towards reduced depopulation in rural areas.

In this regard, CV ACTIVA acts as a leading agent at regional level, given that it represents more than 50 companies throughout the Region of Valencia. The association advises public administrations, defending the rights of professionals in this tourist sub-sector and always furthering active participation in decision making at local, provincial and regional levels.

The aims of the association can therefore essentially be summarised as the representation and defence of the professional, labour, economic and social interests of companies operating in Active Tourism and Ecotourism in the Region of Valencia. CV ACTIVA fosters values of cohesion, cooperation and solidarity between companies in this and other similar sectors.

A result of this engagement is that furthering quality, safety, sustainable tourism and protection of the environment and training in Active Tourism and Ecotourism enterprises are major priorities in our companies. By working together, we create an associative network through agreements and conventions, and develop lines of research that encourage progress, innovation and competitiveness.

At the same time, sector employers strengthen the business network via promotion, intervention and participation in the formal and non-formal training programmes that directly or indirectly affect the tourist sector, and in particular, Active Tourism and Ecotourism. Thanks to the association, companies and self-employed professionals can promote, intervene and participate in creating, updating and improving legislation on issues that directly or indirectly affect them.


In terms of communication, it is necessary to ensure that the range of services offered in Active Tourism and Ecotourism in the Region of Valencia are fully integrated in order to improve specialised promotion and the business results of all companies operating in the sector. All these actions are geared towards creating a tourism accessible to everyone who fosters respect for nature and knowledge of our cultural values and heritage.


Another strategic line for the association is the fight against the unauthorised practice of the profession, identifying illegal companies and where necessary channelling complaints to the regional tourist inspection services. We also operate as interlocutors with public administrations in order to acquire decision making powers with regard to sector regulations and to facilitate the labour of our companies.

Finally, we promote the value that Active Tourism activities should be proactively sustainable by creating green employment. We are aware of and actively support the Agenda 2030 and its Objectives of Sustainable Development given that Active Tourism is essentially a product geared towards the ecotourist. 


The activities we promote are also clearly inclusive and accessible to groups of people very different from each other, of any age, build and physical condition who demand an experience that on occasions involves hardly any physical effort.


The tourism of the 21st century is a tourism with a tendency towards sustainability, recognition of the cultural heritage and universal accessibility. Active Tourism and Ecotourism are in themselves a model of tourism with an every growing potential for reducing seasonality, that can maintain the population in the rural setting and democratise tourist revenues that have historically been linked almost exclusively to the traditional formula of ‘sun and sand’.