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If what you're looking for is feeling at one with nature while you learn and contribute responsibly to sustainable development, then ecotourism is your best option.

Nature workshops can become an alternative tourism activity, as in addition to being a recreational pastime, they also make a positive contribution towards improving the environment. These kinds of activities are usually educational, giving you information about the place you're visiting and enabling you to connect with nature while you enjoy your time there.

The Region of Valencia offers the chance to attend a range of nature workshops on the theme of environmental awareness and sustainability. This type of workshop focuses on informing tourists and especially school age children with courses and seminars where they learn by doing nature-themed tasks, practising and finding out about recycling, renewable energy, the responsible use of natural resources and how to build organic vegetable plots.

Participants in these workshops learn to live alongside nature, expanding their knowledge from the point of view of biodiversity, observing and learning about the Region's plant and animal life.

These activities involve identifying various bird species, tracking animal footprints and signs, classifying plant species and even finding ancient animal fossils. People attending workshops have the chance to immerse themselves in history and cultural heritage, looking back in time through castles, churches, sanctuaries and archaeological sites in many of the natural landscapes belonging to our region.

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