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Restaurante Mar de Fulles


Only a few metres away is our organic vegetable plot, from which we select the most delicious fruit and vegetables one by one. We invite you to connect with the origins of the land while you enjoy a healthy meal.

We have an open-plan room and an outdoor dining room seating up to 120 people, large windows with views of a beautiful mountain landscape and small areas for a more intimate gathering.

We want to convey our passion for gastronomy, so our open show kitchen allows you to watch how our chefs prepare every dish with painstaking care.

We round off your experience with an original wine list, where our sommelier can inspire you with the best pairings.

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Restaurante Mar de Fulles

Open location

Polígono 5, Parcela 69, 12609 Alfondeguilla, Castellón

964 090 965