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MAESTRAT EXPERIENCE is the brand that wants to boost sustainable and responsible consumption of tourism in the Maestrat region, through guided routes on foot so people can to get to know (and appreciate) our land better.

Another kind of tourism is possible. Convinced of this belief, we established this project that sets out to position the Maestrat as a sustainable and responsible tourist destination. We are committed to quality and local products. We live in an extremely fragile natural environment, a deeply Mediterranean one, and that means a special kind of sensitivity is required to fully enjoy its landscapes and have an unforgettable experience here. If you are like that, someone who is aware, sensitive, respectful, the kind of person who doesn't want to leave marks where they passed by, then you're very welcome, this is your place in the world!

You'll discover the Maestrat with the people who know it best: its own people. You'll take the route of Les Setenes del Maestrat: 3 trekking routes of different lengths, difficulty and height with a lot of history, heritage and culture, that cross 22 villages.

Our values

The Maestrat: Our territory has a top grade natural and cultural heritage that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO: rock art (1998), dry-stone building techniques (2018) and the Fallas (2016). We have the natural parks of Penyagolosa and Serra d’Irta. We are a land of mountains and castles.

Authenticity: There is another kind of tourism. We are committed to a model that respects our regional language, culture, traditions and heritage, because that is our way of life and the way we see the world, and that is how we would like to be seen in the world at large. We are a cultured and deeply Mediterranean people, hospitable and open to cultural and linguistic differences.

Sustainability: Only through sustainability can we ensure the survival of an environment as natural and fragile to exploration as the Maestrat. We are committed to sustainable and responsible tourism that is respectful and sensitive towards what is ours and what defines us as a people. We work together with other businesses that share our values: local ecological products, local producers, flavours from the land to the plate.

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