Cosmofísica Science School


Cosmofísica is located in the town of Titaguas, a rural setting in Els Serrans, a region of Valencia in the Alto Turia, where the provinces of Cuenca and Teruel meet.

It is a quiet spot, with dark skies, pine forests full of aromatic and medicinal plants, crystal-clear water and plenty of history. Its "hostel-school" accommodates groups of students, associations and all kinds of groups, even families, who want to be close to nature. Taking a rigorously scientific yet fun approach and guided by professionals, everyone can experience and learn about exciting worlds.

Through our activities at the school we teach people about astronomy, botany, cartography, meteorology and palaeontology, adapting the subject matter, explanations and practices to all ages and situations.

There are various workshops available, covering different scientific disciplines or concentrating on a single topic: telescopic observation, study of the Cosmos, botanical routes, a visit to see cave paintings and a palaeontological site, mapping and map reading, climates, ecosystems, etc. 

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Escuela de Ciencia Cosmofísica

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+34 961 634 225 / 626 242 076

C/San Cristóbal, 46 - 46178 Titaguas - Valencia (Spain)