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Discover the meaning of nature in the raw!

Practising ecotourism gives you the chance to immerse yourself in nature in its wildest form. Discover the plant and animal species that inhabit the wide range of protected areas and their ecosystems. Learn by observing their needs. What do they eat? Where do they live? You can do all this while you enjoy the surrounding area and its nature.

Across the entire Region of Valencia, you'll find countless parks, areas of natural beauty and landscapes where you can roam on your own or accompanied by a specialist guide. Wander through ancient forests while you learn to identify some of the medicinal plants growing there, venture into wetlands and marshes that provide nesting sites and stopovers for majestic birds like flamingos and falcons.

Visit charming green valleys packed with wild flowers and fruit trees. These are just a few of the activities you'll be able to do if you come and discover nature in the Region of Valencia.

Iconic species in the Region of Valencia wetlands

The Valencian coastline is an amazing place with its wetlands and lagoons brimming with plant and animal life. Some are small, like the Prat de Cabanes-Torreblanca in Castellón, others stretch over vast distances like  the Albufera de Valencia, and you can even find salt water lagoons like the ones in La Mata and Torrevieja in Alicante.

Their vegetation is adapted to the various ecosystems, coastal dunes, salt marshes, Mediterranean forest, wetlands and marshes that are so characteristic of this kind of environment.

These protected spaces are famous for their extraordinary wealth of bird species, including the huge number of aquatic birds that overwinter in the wetlands, as well as other resident species such as birds of prey.  

Venture into the forests across the Region of Valencia

If you're keen to feel in harmony with nature in Puebla de San Miguel nature reserve, there's a natural treasure there known as the centennial forest of Las Blancas, a group of very old Spanish juniper trees (Juniperus thurifera), some of which are more than 1,000 years old. An idyllic landscape for soaking up with all five senses.

Hug the trees and connect with nature!

There are other forests worth visiting like Dehesa del Saler, the enchanted forest of Alicante, the Vuelta de la Hoz landscape and the Cova Negra in Xàtiva, all places where you can wander around and seek refuge under the trees.

Have you ever been to the islands and islets in the Region of Valencia?

If you're passionate about islands and about their wildlife and vegetation, don't miss a visit to some of the most amazing marine reserves in the Region of Valencia. These are places where you'll be able to enjoy being in nature and have the chance to observe some of the species living there. The island of Tabarca and the Columbretes islands are the most well-known, with coastlines brimming with sea birds, animals, plants and flowers and beautiful underwater landscapes.

Nature in the heights – discover the Region's mountain ranges

More than half the land in the Region of Valencia consists of mountain ranges and peaks standing at heights of between 400 and 1,000 metres and home to a huge range of ecosystems: extensive pine forests, oak woodlands, river banks, farmed valleys, canyons and juniper groves. The Sierra Calderona and Sierra de Mariola mountain ranges are listed as nature reserves and are home to a major network of hiking trails, viewpoints and special points of interest for watching nature.

Watch nature while you hike

Across the Region of Valencia, you'll find a huge range of options for enjoying nature while you do your favourite activity. If you’re a hiking enthusiast wanting to follow routes or trails through the countryside or in the mountains, there are ecological interpretative itineraries in the web side of Parques Naturales (natural parks) where you can enjoy walking while you observe nature.

Some of the best routes follow existing trails across the Region of Valencia with the chance to learn about the plant and animal species that live in the surrounding countryside. Discover fascinating trails like the Ruta de los Molinos de Alborache (Alborache windmills route), the Chulilla suspension bridges, the medicinal route of La Murta or any of the water routes that run through our region. Plus, birdwatching fans can also walk along birdwatching routes to observe the main bird species that call our Region home.  

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