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Ecomuseo de Aras de los Olmos

Aras de los Olmos

The Eco-museum of Aras de los Olmos offers visitors a chance to know more about little known aspects of the village and the region of Los Serranos. A unique space that is a testimony to the value of the traditional ways of life of the Valencia Serranía and the relationship between its inhabitants and the land. The museum interior is full of exhibits of the cultures that have left their mark on Aras de los Olmos and the hamlet of Losilla de Aras, in the form of farm structures, objects, music, stories, etc., with interpretation media of the exhibits and conserved items that will take you back to another age.

A visit to the museum is organised to make it entertaining and interactive, and has all types of content with archaeological, ethnological and even artistic value. It is located inside the Casa del Cortijo, a traditional three-storey farm building used that still has some features from the past such as the carriage door and the larder, where food was stored. The tourist information office is in the same building, and there you can get more information about some of the things you'll see during your visit.

The Welcome and Interpretation Centre has three exhibitions about beekeeping, archaeology and the cereal cycle. There is a virtual workshop and an urban itinerary with information panels on the most significant buildings of Aras and Losilla, and the guided tour will give you the chance to find out more about the different craft products and local gastronomy. 

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Ecomuseo de Aras de los Olmos

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Calle Iglesia, 2, 46179 Aras de los Olmos, Valencia