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Endèmica Natura


Endèmica Natura is a company specialised in nature interpretation and eco-tourism. We are located in the region of the Marina Alta in Alicante, a zone that possesses one of the highest concentrations of local wild plants and species in the entire Region of Valencia.

Our activities give you the chance to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the towns and villages of a region rich in history. Enjoy routes and excursions specially designed to help you discover the environmental diversity of natural surroundings full of native fauna y flora. Visits to Natural Parks, interpretative walks, historical monuments, enchanted gardens and even an open-air escape room are just some of the experiences available to any tourist.

A different, unique and personalised way to go on routes and discover protected natural spaces with excursions and activities that offer the customer values linked to ecology and sustainable development.

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Endèmica Natura

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 L’empecinado  Nº/ 19.  03750 (Pedreguer)

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