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La Surera


We're a lively team wanting to share and experience participatory, cooperative processes, but most of all we're people who dream in the here and now to open up new doors. We combine our training in agronomy, biology and environmental sciences with experiences in international cooperation, agroecology, rural development and project management.

We also like pedalling, sewing, cooking, writing and conversing. All this, plus our social and environmental activism has brought us closer together along the way. And we love it!!

Here at our hostel La Surera we set out to highlight the natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of Almedíjar and the Sierra de Espadán area. To do this, we're ready to welcome you to an accommodation where you'll also find information and suggestions for enjoying the surrounding countryside and discovering all the possibilities offered by this rural location.

To make your stay in Almedíjar and at La Surera a pleasant one, we’ve put together a programme of activities with our usual partners to suit all preferences and audiences!

- Tour of Alcovi winery, wine tasting with pairing

- Tour of Los Corrales craft cheese dairy

- Cork harvesting (June and July)

- Almedíjar ethnographic museum

- Environmental routes and interpretative hiking

- Environmental education

- Organic vegetable plot

- Beekeeping

- Astronomy

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La Surera

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+34 964 13 74 00 – 646 20 52 41

Calle Carboneras, 4, 12413 Almedíjar, Castellón