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Desatur Coop. V.

Comunitat Valenciana

We are a social economy organisation created in 2017 for the rural development of the Alto Turia.

The aim is to develop a local economy based on sustainable tourism; showing the many wonderful places and routes here. We always want to increase awareness of the range of tourist experiences such as birding, pairing of local wines and natural products, gastronomy, routes with historical and cultural theme, heritage interpretation …

One way of discovering the Alto Turia (Unesco Biosphere Reserve since June 2019) is with the routes available with MTBs or on foot, with different stages that can be adapted to visitors' levels.

Tourist experiences and products where you can discover the villages of the interior. They include:

  • Trips through the Alto Turia: Cycle-tourism, MTB and hiking (don't worry about a thing, we'll take care of the backpacks between the destinations, find hotels and restaurants with the best cost-quality ratio, 4x4 for emergencies, a complete briefing over breakfast with explanations of the state, tracks, map…
  • Guided routes with interpretations of the historical and cultural content. Routes through the history of the Romans: Route of Peña Cortada, Roma dam of Tuéjar, routes made to measure for visitors.
  • Photographic visits to the natural reserve of Valdeserrillas. For amateurs and professionals in a safe location surrounded by flora and fauna that never cease to amaze.
  • Initiation into Birding. Routes with an initiation into recognising birds, we are in an area with a large variety of birdlife where birds of prey like griffin vultures, eagles and eagle owls are often to be seen.
  • Routes where we add a pairing (locally made wines and cheeses). Simple routes with a gastronomic experience at the end.
  • Riverside routes (from simple trails with a visit to natural wells, to canyoning). The best way to disconnect from everything.
  • Courses and days out on survival in natural surroundings. Orientation and ethnographic culture of the interior.
  • Canoeing on the reservoir of Benagéber, initiation courses and trips on the river Turia and its surprising rapids.

At Desatur we're waiting for you so we can show you the Alto Turia and experience it.

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